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Have you been accused of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence charges can have a profound effect on many aspects of your life. Even prior to trial, protective orders can keep you from seeing your children, and the stigma of the charges can permanently alter your relationships, your employment and your standing in the community. If you face these charges, you need immediate, aggressive legal support. With more than a decade of criminal defense experience, the Law Offices of The Crosland Law Group, LLC can provide the help you require.

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Who can file charges against you

The domestic violence laws pertain to a variety of individuals beyond family members or even people living within the same residence. Also, while men are more commonly charged with domestic violence, many women face charges as well. In general, persons eligible for relief from the person accused of domestic violence, can be:

The current or former spouse Any individual who cohabitates with the respondent
Anyone related to the respondent by blood, marriage or adoption Someone who has a child in common with the respondent
A vulnerable adult

Types of domestic violence charges

Domestic violence charges can involve any act causing bodily harm or placing an individual in fear of imminent bodily harm, as well as any type of sexual offense, false imprisonment or stalking

As with any form of assault offenses, the prosecutor can pursue charges with varying degrees of severity, such as:

  • Second-degree assault is a misdemeanor charge, but it can still result in severe penalties, including significant fines with years of incarceration. Generally, these charges are imposed when the victim’s injuries do not rise to the level of first-degree assault.
  • First-degree assault is a felony charge involving serious physical injury to a victim that may result in permanent disability, disfigurement or death. Assaults involving firearms automatically receive first-degree classification under the law. Convictions can carry a number of severe penalties, including decades in prison.
  • Domestic violence against a minor can be considered either a second-degree or first-degree crime based on the severity of injuries, but it is always charged as a felony. While second-degree convictions can carry many years in prison, first-degree convictions can land a violator in prison for decades.

The reasons behind the charges can be important to your defense

The issues leading to domestic violence charges are often complex. For example, a painful relationship breakup can lead to false charges or and a litigious divorce may prompt a spouse to file false charges simply to gain an advantage in a child custody settlement. When you bring your concerns to The Crosland Law Group, LLC, you benefit from a lawyers who works closely with you to reveal the circumstances that led to false charges. We make every effort to uncover evidence that can secure the best possible results for your case.

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