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Have you been charged with a Serious Drug Crime?

Drugs are a fact of life in America. Police drug squads are vigilant wherever people gather. Even if you think that you have no way out, allow us to evaluate your case to look for defense options that you may not be aware of. Do not be afraid to seek a proper legal defense. We take your case very seriously, and work hard to achieve a dismissal or an acquittal when you are accused of:

Drug possession Possession with intent to distribute drugs
Drug distribution Possession of drug paraphernalia
Manufacturing of drugs Prescription drug fraud

Even if you have been found in clear possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), there are many factors which must be considered before you can be convicted of a drug crime. I have more than ten years of experience unraveling drug cases and helping people avoid convictions.

Seek immediate representation from an experienced defense attorney

All drug crimes are serious offenses. If you or someone close to you has been arrested or charged with a serious drug crime, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. We can provide you with detailed and personal legal advice regarding what your options are, and how you can best respond to the particular charges you are facing. The sooner you seek our guidance, the sooner we can evaluate your case to develop a strong defense strategy.

For an initial consultation about serious drug charges, contact The Crosland Law Group, LLC at
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Defense for marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other drug charges (CDS)

Marijuana arrests should not be taken lightly. Possession of even a small amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense, and a conviction may result in a sentence of a high fine and jail time.

Penalties for possession of controlled dangerous substances other than marijuana are much more severe. Heroin and Cocaine charges are especially common. The potential sentence for a first conviction of even the smallest amount of a non-marijuana CDS can be substantial in both fines and jail time.

For possession cases, we look for mistakes in the conduct of the police, such as improper search and seizure. We may also challenge the prosecution’s connection between you and the marijuana. If you are present in someone else’s home or car where a drug is found, then the state may not be able to prove that you knew the drug was there.

Marijuana or other CDS distribution

If you are found in possession of a large amount of any CDS, you may also be charged with having the intent to distribute the drug—a felony. Even a small amount may trigger this charge if other factors are noted, such as:

Scales Cash found on your person Packaging of the drug
Packaging of the drug Cell phones
Frequent visitors to your home or car Cell phones Weapons

But these details are subject to interpretation. We argue strongly to prevent the use of circumstantial evidence when we defend you against charges of possession with the intent to distribute marijuana or other drugs.

Although the penalties are frightening and a plea deal may sound appealing, let us fight for your charges to be dismissed or reduced. There are very specific rules of evidence in drug cases, and often we can weaken the state’s case against you by focusing on improver handling of the evidence. I can help you keep your criminal record clean.

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