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Do you need a Divorce?

In today’s society, divorce is more common than many would like to see it be. People from all walks of life find themselves in need of a dissolution of marriage, most of whom never expected the relationship to end.

Although divorce can be an emotionally difficult and stressful time, we are here to help. The Crosland Law Group, LLC represent clients from all walks of life in who need legal representation for dissolution of marriage and related matters.

Do you need a Divorce? Contact us today.

Going through a divorce can be extraordinarily stressful. We are here to make the entire process easier for you. We will walk you through every stage of the process and help you get the best results possible. Benefit from the experience and knowledge of our well respected lawyers.

For a confidential consultation about your Divorce, contact The Crosland Law Group, LLC at
(203) 921-1782.

Why Do You Need a Law Firm to Go to Divorce Court?

With the ready availability of “do-it-yourself” legal documents these days, many people are tempted to go through their divorce proceedings without legal representation. Although you can do this, we strongly advise against it. There are potential pitfalls in every aspect of a divorce, including:

Property division Alimony (spousal support), if applicable
Child custody, if there are minor children born of the marriage Child support, usually determined by state guidelines

Without legal experience, it is easy to make costly mistakes in these divorce-related matters. Imagine losing custody of a child, when working with a lawyer could have helped you secure the custody agreement you need. We work with these matters every day, so we can help you avoid costly pitfalls and get the best results possible in your divorce.

Grounds for a Divorce

The most common ground for divorce is irreconcilable differences. In other words, the marriage cannot be reconciled even with the assistance of therapy.

We offer Legal Services for Divorce Clients

We customize our legal services to suit each client’s needs and budget. Some of our clients employ our services on an “a la carte” basis, paying only for the services they cannot or do not wish to handle themselves. In this way, our clients remain in charge of their own divorces, and both parties are reminded that we are hired to work for our clients — not the other way around.

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