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Is Your Child Facing Charges of Underage Drinking?

If you or your child are under 21 years of age and charged with an alcohol-related offense, contact The Crosland Law Group, LLC immediately. We work diligently and aggressively to protect the rights of minors charged with alcohol-related offenses, and works to ensure that the charges brought have the least possible impact on the young person’s life and criminal record.

Under 21 DWI/DUI Violation

Connecticut has stiff penalties for drinking and driving by underage drivers. While adults must have a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .08 to be charged with DWI/DUI, anyone under age 21 can be charged with an OVI for having a trace amount of alcohol in their system.

The Crosland Law Group, LLC has extensive experience representing both minors and adults in DWI/DUI offenses, and can offer an affordable fee to help you navigate the criminal justice system for the best possible outcome.

Underage Consumption

You must be age 21 to legally drink alcohol in Connecticut. Underage consumption of alcohol is a misdemeanor and carries severe penalties:

Let Us Defend Your Son Or Daughter From underage Drinking and related Charges

It is not always the case that Juvenile cases are quickly resolved, particularly if the youth exhibits poor judgment when arrested or cited. Consequently, if your minor son or daughter is facing juvenile underage drinking and/or related charges, it is critical to obtain an experienced juvenile DWI/DUI defense attorney to assist and advise you and your child as soon as possible. Although there are many similarities between the adult system and the juvenile system, there are important distinctions, and you do not want to work with an attorney who lacks experience working with young clients within the juvenile justice system.
At our firm, we know that the last thing you want is for a youthful error to foreclose your child’s opportunity for a productive and promising future. As you deal with the stress and anguish of your family’s predicament, talk to someone who can give you the information you need to make rational and wise decisions about the steps you should take.

For a confidential consultation about Juvenile underage drinking charges, contact The Crosland Law Group, LLC at
(203) 921-1782.

Driver’s license suspension Possible imprisonment
Fines plus surcharges and possible court costs A misdemeanor criminal record
Possible community service and alcohol education classes

In every case, we first look to the availability of a diversion program. If our client qualifies and is accepted into a diversion program, the charges would be dismissed and record of the charge could be expunged. If you have been charged with underage drinking, talk to one of our attorneys about the availability of diversion.

Fictitious Identification

Using a fake driver’s license or other identification to obtain alcohol is a serious charge and penalties may include:

Alcohol and/or substance abuse treatment program Fines plus surcharges and court costs
Possible imprisonment Driver’s license suspension

Open Container

Simply possessing alcoholic beverages in public or in a car can result in misdemeanor charges, fines, and possible imprisonment for anyone under 21.

Other Consequences

In addition to criminal prosecution, students drinking underage may face further consequences for underage drinking. For example, our attorneys represent high school and college students facing suspension from school, as well as suspension from athletic teams or other sanctions, relating to zero-tolerance alcohol policy violations.

In every alcohol-related offense, our attorneys thoroughly examine the facts of the case and advise clients on the merits of contesting the charges or negotiating a plea bargain to a lesser offense with fewer consequences. If there are defenses available to the search (such as a warrantless search of a private home), we would explore those with the client and raise the defenses in court. Ultimately, our goal is to minimize the impact of the charges on the young person’s life.

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