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Have you been charged with Burglary?

People often confuse the crime of burglary with other crimes, especially with the crime of robbery. That is probably because burglary makes it illegal to enter certain structures, vehicles, or other modes of transportation with the intent to carry out any felony or a misdemeanor petty theft.

It is the physical entry with the intent to commit a felonious crime (or petty theft) that constitutes the crime of burglary. The crime the burglar intends to commit does not even need to be actually committed for the crime of burglary to occur. Let’s say someone enters a house with the intention to murder someone but the murder is thwarted and no one is killed. While in that scenario the actual murder did not occur, the burglary did.

First Degree Burglary

A first degree burglary occurs whenever someone enters a structure that is inhabited. This might be a house, an apartment, an RV, a houseboat, a tent or sometimes just a separate room within a structure. Other structures may also be considered “inhabited” under this statute; all that is required is that someone is currently living in the structure. The inhabitant does not need to be there for a burglary to be charged.

Second Degree Burglary

It is a second degree burglary when someone enters a structure that is not currently being lived in, for example a storage shed or a business or enters a locked vehicle or other mode of transportation such as a railroad car or an airplane, with the intent to carry out a felonious crime or a petty theft.

Under certain circumstances, for example when a victim suffers great bodily injury during a burglary, the sentence for burglary can be enhanced, meaning a longer potential prison sentence.

Penalties for Burglary
Burglary is a serious charge. First degree burglary is always charged as a felony and Second degree burglary may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Furthermore, someone who commits burglary will be charged with the underlying crime or, if the underlying crime is not completed, with the attempt. Anyone charged with burglary should contact an experience criminal defense attorney immediately.

First degree burglary is punishable by imprisonment in state prison and Second degree burglary carries a sentence of county jail and/or probation (if charged as a misdemeanor) or imprisonment in a county jail (if charged as a felony).

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