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Have you been charged with Theft or Robbery?

Under State law, virtually any charges involving taking the property of another without consent of the owner constitutes a theft crime. Even in cases involving property with little monetary value can cause you jail time. In fact, convictions of individuals who happen to receive stolen goods can result in the same severe penalties imposed on the people who stole the goods. Due to the complexity of state theft laws, anyone facing charges needs support from an experienced lawyer. The Crosland Law Group, LLC provides the knowledgeable representation you need to obtain the best possible results in your criminal case.

Have you been arrested for any type of Theft or Robbery?Contact us today.

Theft and Robbery laws can be complex and intimidating. You need to have experienced representation to defend your rights and to help you get your life back. The Crosland Law Group, LLC vigorously defends you in your great time of need.

For a confidential consultation about Theft or Robbery charges, contact The Crosland Law Group, LLC at
(203) 921-1782.

Understanding the types of theft offenses

No theft crime charges are trivial. In fact, even if you unknowingly receive stolen goods, you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney before talking to the police. We advocate on behalf of individuals charged with a full array of theft crimes, including the following:

Petty theft Shoplifting
Larceny Identity Theft/Fraud
Robbery Armed Robbery

Defending against charges of Theft and Robbery

Law-abiding citizens often make the mistake of trying to explain their errors to police when they commit minor theft crimes without criminal intent. Unfortunately, police do not arrest people they believe are innocent, and they do use your words against you during your criminal case. To support the possibility of dropped charges, acquittal or a reduced sentence, you need a skilled criminal defense before you answer any questions.

Even if police tell you that your best chances for release come through cooperation, you need to take advantage of your Miranda rights to remain silent and to call an attorney. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, we have the legal knowledge to fully assess the severity of your charges and the dedication to protect your rights through every step of the legal process.

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